There are several ways and methods to treat your wall and ceilings. Wallpaper has a way of transforming the look of a home more dramatically than paint. Styles change and eventually the wallpaper is in poor condition or more commonly DATED. Painting over the wallpaper to renovate your home may sound like a good idea, but it should be avoided.  When latex paint is applied to wallpaper it immediately weakens the bond of the paper to the drywall or plaster underneath. 

This is not the only disadvantage of painting over wallpaper. There are many ways it can lead your home to a disaster. Let’s discuss them further:

1. Patterns and seams are clearly displayed

Painting over wallpaper will lessen the visibility of seams and patterns, but they will still be visible. Wallpaper is applied in vertical rows which means the seams where the rows line up can easily be seen through the paint. Wallpaper with designs typically have a 3 Dimensional texture that will be seen even after several coats of paint. 

 2. Applying paint over wallpaper can easily loosen up its hold

You may think the wallpaper in your home may be sturdy or in better condition. But as soon as that layer of paint is added, the wallpaper loosens up its adhesive quality, leading to lifted edges and delamination. 

3. Difficult to remove the wallpaper.

Sure, painting over wallpaper can eliminate  the stress of pelling, scraping, and repairing your walls.  When wallpaper that has been painted lets loose, it is much harder to remove with paste removers, steamers and every other technique used to remove wallpaper.

If you feel overwhelmed with the idea of removing that dated wallpaper, help is just a phone call away. The pros at MacFarland Painting will make the process quick and hassle free.