Have you been thinking of a home renovation that includes changing up a color of a room or the outside of your house? Painting the interior or exterior of your building requires a combination of painting skills and experience. As the leaders in this space, we recommend that you first take your time to learn about the commercial and residential painting companies in your area and choose the one that is most experienced, professional, timely, and is licensed and insured. This will ensure that you get a cutting edge professional painting job with a flawless finish that is sure to impress.

Here is a list of the top five reasons to invest in professional commercial and residential painting services:

1. Protecting the Home

Even the smallest weaknesses within the building structure can have a significant effect on the stability and longevity of your home. A professional painter can detect any structural defects and advise you on how to fix them prior to beginning the painting process. Apart from this, any water or moisture that enters inside the cracked wall can weaken the structure. A professional commercial and residential painting service will provide quality painting to protect the walls, wood windows, and siding doors against water infiltration.

2. Safety

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, over 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries annually. Professional painters are equipped with proper knowledge and training and they will be at your service with safety equipment and tools. This helps prevent any accidents and ensures that the work is done properly.

3. Quality Work

Painting is an art and it requires specific skills to do it right. Professional painters have a learned technique and the tools to perform the work with precision and perfection. They make use of quality paint that will stay on your residential or commercial homes for years to come. The professionals will do the painting job skillfully to ensure that there are clean, flawless lines, and no messy debris, flakes, or chips.

4. Timely Completion

Hiring professional painters will also save you a lot of time. A professional painting company will come with a team that will easily complete the paint job within a specified time. In addition, you won’t have to keep your house covered in drop cloths and paint cans for weeks.

5. Color Selection Consultation

Selecting the perfect color can be a difficult choice. You don’t have to make that decision alone. Our team is here for you to provide free Color Selection Consultations, where we’ll present suggested colors to help you bring together the look you’re striving for. Having a professional consult generally results in a home that is referred to as “magazine-worthy” as opposed to another shade of beige again. Our painting consultants take colors and tones in brick, shingles, windows, doors, and gutters into consideration when recommending a color scheme. Here’s an example of a transformation on a house we did last week – it brought the house a whole new life!

For a free painting quote, contact MacFarland Painting at 734) 564-6664. Professional painters, like us, are reliable, trusted, and can deliver quality results.