You have just painted your home when you start to see the paint cracking in just a matter of weeks or even days, and you may wonder why this is happening. It is important to understand this is a very common issue, which can be the result of various causes. Here are some reasons that may have caused your paint to crack early, so you can know to avoid them in the future.

Inadequate Prep

Before any painting project, it is very important to first prepare the surface. Proper surface preparation helps to ensure the paint sets well and lasts long-term. The steps to preparing the surface may include cleaning, stripping away old or peeling paint, sanding the surface, filling in dents and dings, and priming.

Amount of Paint

Proper painting requires knowledge about the right amount of paint for the best results. Using too much or too little paint can cause it to crack early. This is why it is strongly advised to hire a professional painting expert who knows the best techniques to use for your home.

Low-Quality Paint

Another reason why paint cracks prematurely is low-quality paint. This typically has a much shorter lifespan than high-quality alternatives. It can peel away easier and start to crack faster than the better quality paint options.

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