Cabinet Colors


Give your kitchen an exciting new look with one of our stock cabinet colors!

Dover White SW 6385

Dover White is an off-white paint color, meaning it is not a bright white. Don’t be afraid of the term “off-white”- although this color does have yellow (and gray) undertones, this color has enough white that it will never appear yellow. When used on kitchen cabinets it can create a sense of cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity.

**Be cautious of the lighting used with this color. If your kitchen has yellow lighting or does not see a good amount of natural light, this color will appear more creamy (but not yellow). On the other hand, when used with white lighting or in a kitchen with loads of natural light, this color will appear more white than off-white.

Coordinating Colors:

  • Soft browns and greige (Worldy Gray SW 7043)
  • Muted or dusty blues (Waterloo SW 9141)
  • Light teal/sage green (Seasalt/Topsail)

Knitting Needles SW 7672

Looking for the perfect gray for your kitchen cabinets? Look no further! Knitting Needles is our favorite gray shade to use on cabinetry. It is a mid-toned gray meaning it is not too light, dark, warm, or cool. This soft neutral blends seamlessly into any home design or color scheme.

Coordinating Colors:

  • Navy blues (Naval SW 6244)
  • Calm yellows (Lemon Meringue SW 7561)
  • Whites and Darker Grays (Pure White SW 7005/Iron Ore SW 7069)

Peppercorn SW 7674

Peppercorn is a dark, moody gray sharing high similarities with classic charcoal. It is the perfect option if you are looking to add a bold yet sophisticated touch to your space without going black. 

**It is important to note that Peppercorn can look significantly warmer or cooler depending on the lighting in your space. It is always recommended to sample the color with different lighting before you choose it for your kitchen.

Coordinating Colors:

  • Sage greens (Willow Tree SW 7741)
  • Lighter grays (Argos SW 7065)
  • Creamy off-whites (Alabaster SW 7008)

Tricorn Black SW 6258

Tricorn Black is just about as dark as a paint color could be. It is one of the few true black paint colors that do not have any undertones such as blue or brown. This makes a great option for someone looking for a black paint color that is not going to look brown, purple, or blue in different lighting.

  • Coordinates well with gold, white, blue and gray.

Alabaster SW 7008

Alabaster is a warm, off-white that is both simple and clean. Don’t be afraid of the term “off-white” as the warmth in this hue brings just the right amount of creamy to make it appear white, and never yellow.

If you are looking for a warm white for your kitchen cabinets that isn’t as cold or striking as other whites, Alabaster is the perfect choice for you!

Coordinating Colors:

  • Brown-Beige (Nomadic Desert SW 6107)
  • Greige (Gray/Beige) (Intellectual Gray SW 7045)
  • Natural wood tones

Pure White SW 7005

Pure White is one of the most popular and versatile white paint colors – even though it is not a “true” white. There is a subtle warmth to this shade, but it does not look as creamy as some of the other whites (Alabaster, Dover White). This hue is extremely popular for cabinets as it is just about as white as cabinets should be without being too bright or “in-your-face.”

Like any white, Pure White easily picks up color from its surroundings. In the photos above you can see the color can look warmer (left) or cooler (right) depending on the surroundings (hardware, countertops, flooring, etc.)

Coordinating Colors:

  • Deep Purple (Perie Noir SW 9154)
  • Light Gray (March Wind SW 7668)
  • Dusty Blue/Navy Blue (Waterloo SW 9141/Naval SW 6244)
  • Soft Blush Tones (Rose Embroidery SW 6297)

Naval SW 6244

Inspired by the night sky, Naval is a deep and rich navy blue. Undertones in this hue don’t stand out against any particular lighting – if you are looking for a true navy blue, Naval is your best option!

One of the most popular ways to use Naval is on kitchen cabinets and islands. This is because it looks excellent against wood tones and bright whites. Gold or Bronze hardware is always a great option when using this color on cabinetry.

Coordinating Colors:

  • Light Blue-Gray (Icicle SW 6238)
  • Soft Beige (Naturel SW 7542)
  • Golde/Bronze (Roycroft Suede SW 2842)