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How Long Do Estimates Take? Are They Free?

Our Estimators typically need 30 minutes of time with each Client at the time of the estimate. Larger projects may require more. We book hard appointments (NOT like the cable company). You can expect to have a typed quote sent to you via email in less than 48 hours. 

and yes, they are 100% FREE!

What Time Will The Crew Arrive?

Our crews typically depart our Livonia shop before 8:00 am, arrival time varies only by geographical location.  How late do they stay?  Varies by the job, but a full work day should be anticipated.

How Do I Choose My Colors?

Head to your nearest Sherwin-Williams store or download their app, ColorSnap. Please call (or email) in your color selections AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to your scheduled start date. 

Need expert advice? FREE, 1-hour color consultations are available in our showroom for all clients with an APPROVED quote. Simply call the office to set up an appointment with our color consultant, Marcia.


How Do I Prepare For an Interior Paint Job?
You are to remove window treatments and blinds, art, wall hangings, electronics and small breakable items from all areas to be painted. Wipe/vacuum dust and debris from any surface to be painted.  MacFarland Painting staff will move heavy/bulky items to the center of the space and wrap them in painter’s plastic. We cover floors with a combination of construction paper, canvas drop cloths and painter’s plastic and set up a staging area for tools and supplies. 
How Do I Prepare For Baluster Replacement?
Your baluster style and pattern selection must be made 4 weeks ahead of the start date to allow for shipping of materials.  Please have a plan for children, physically unstable adults, and pets for the duration of this type of project.
How Do I Prepare for Exterior Work?
Please remove furniture, planters, decor, etc. from the perimeter of the exterior to be painted. Be sure to have windows closed, access to electricity, and hose bibs turned on for access to water. Trim back shrubs, trees and other vegetation that will impede painting and repairs.  We use a variety of protective items, paper, tape, plastic, and canvas drops, and will set up an outdoor staging area for tools and supplies. We book exterior work for “the week of” and do allow time in our schedule for inclement weather in order to keep schedule disruptions to a minimum.