Painting the Perfect Barbie Dreamhouse

A Pink Lovers Guide to Paint Colors

By: MacFarland Painting      July 17, 2023

Welcome to our pink-filled journey into the world of Barbie! With the release of the new Barbie movie, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the enchantment of her iconic Barbie Dreamhouse! As a professional painting company, we have delved into the realm of pink paint colors, exploring the power of this vibrant hue to transform spaces and ignite the imagination.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a tour of our very own interpretation of a modern-day Barbie Dreamhouse, complete with captivating visuals sourced from the Internet. Our focus will be on the mesmerizing range of pink shades that can breathe life into each room, infusing it with elegance, charm, and a dash of playfulness. From the moment you approach the front door to the serenity of the bedroom and the creative energy of the library, we’ve carefully curated a palette that celebrates the spirit of Barbie and all things pink.

Whether you’re a die-hard Barbie fan or simply someone who appreciates the magic of color, join us as we explore the perfect pink shades to bring this dream house to life. Let’s dive into the delightful world of paint and design, where creativity knows no bounds and every room is a canvas waiting to be transformed!

The House.

Pink Vanity

Photo: via Instagram

Photo: via Instagram

Meet our version of a modern-day barbie dreamhouse! The dusty pink hue (Rose Petal by Dulux) of the exterior exudes a subtle yet enchanting allure, setting the stage for the grandeur within. A bold statement is made at the entrance, where a hot pink front door welcomes visitors with a vibrant burst of color, hinting at the excitement within. Crisp white railings gracefully adorn the exterior, providing a classic and refined touch that beautifully contrasts with the pink tones. The foundation of the house features a sturdy stone construction, grounding the home and adding a touch of natural beauty to the overall aesthetic. This picturesque exterior is a captivating sight, a true embodiment of Barbie’s sophisticated and stylish taste.

The Backyard.

Photo: @younghouselove via Instagram

Step into our Barbie Dreamhouse backyard oasis! Nestled amidst lush greenery, a cute pink shed painted in Sherwin-Williams Mellow Coral stands as a charming retreat for Barbie’s hobbies and passions. Delicate bubble lights create a whimsical ambiance, while a luxurious hot tub beckons Barbie to unwind and indulge in blissful moments. 

The Kitchen.

Photo: @kielyramosphoto via Instagram

Nothing quite screams Barbie Dreamhouse like these pink kitchen cabinets do! These beautiful Farrow & Ball Calamine cabinets infuse this kitchen with a gentle feminine touch. The cabinet’s delicate hue is beautifully accentuate by luxurious gold hardware, adding a touch of sophistication to the room. The combination of white, soft pink, and gold creates a kitchen that is both elegant and playful, perfect for the modern-day Barbie who loves to whip up delicious meals in style!

The Living Room.

Furniture Stock Image

Step into the enchanting living room of our Barbie Dreamhouse, where a symphony of elegance awaits. While deviating from the traditional Barbie pink walls, the inclusion of soft pink furniture provides a nod to Barbie’s iconic legacy. Sherwin-Williams alabaster walls serve as a neutral backdrop, allowing for endless customization.This design approach embraces the evolving tastes and style preferences of modern Barbie, empowering her to create a living room that resonates with her unique personality.

The Powder Room.

Photo: @thebirdspapaya via Instagram

Step into this beautiful powder room and immediatley be greeted by a gorgeous vanity painted in Benjamin Moore’s Pink Hibiscus. The pink hue of the vanity radiates femininity and grace, creating a serene and enchanting atmosphere. Adorned with intricate details and expert craftsmanship, the vanity becomes a statement piece, showcasing Barbie’s impeccable taste for luxury. This powder room is a sanctuary of beauty and sophistication, offering a delightful space for Barbie to pamper herself in true style.

The Study.

Photo: Suzanne Kasler

Step into the tranquil study of our Barbie Dreamhouse, featuring exquisite built-in cabinets, bathed in a delightful peachy pink hue that infuses the space with warmth and sophistication. These elegant cabinets provide ample storage space for Barbie’s books, files, and treasured mementos, combining functionality with a touch of whimsy. Whether Barbie is working on her latest project or enjoying a moment of quiet reflection, this study is a haven of inspiration and charm.

The Bedroom.

Photo: Encore Construction

Photo: Creative Tonic

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and elegance in the pink painted bedroom of our Barbie Dreamhouse. The walls enveloped in a soft and serene shade of pink create a soothing and dreamy ambiance, immersing Barbie in a haven of tranquility. Adjacent to the bedroom, a breathtaking walk-in master bathroom awaits, adorned with pink cabinets that exude a sense of opulence and femininity. The allure of the bathroom is elevated by the presence of exquisite marble flooring, adding a touch of timeless sophistication. This harmonious blend of pink hues, luxurious cabinetry, and marble flooring creates a bedroom and master bathroom ensemble that is the epitome of Barbie’s impeccable taste and indulgent lifestyle.

The Sunroom.

Photo: Sherwin-Williams Color of the Month

Lastly, we step into Barbie’s bright. The sunroom boasts an accent wall and ceiling painted in the radiant hue of Sherwin-Williams Jovial, creating a lively and invigorating atmosphere. This cheerful color choice fills the space with an infectious energy, evoking feelings of warmth and happiness. The sun-soaked room serves as a haven for relaxation, offering a picturesque view of the outdoors and a cozy seating area where Barbie can bask in the natural light. With its lively accent wall and ceiling, the sunroom becomes an enchanting retreat that perfectly complements Barbie’s vibrant personality.