Over the past few years, MacFarland Painting has been successful in providing premium painting services in the Southeast Michigan area. Our company is so very proud to announce the extension of its services to the residential and commercial areas of Canton, Michigan. 

At MacFarland Painting, we understand that finding a reliable professional painting company for your commercial or residential painting projects can be difficult. Since it is not work that should be done over and over again, it is important that the paint job is done right the first time. Achieving the perfect paint result and an even finish requires premium paint and skilled painters.

Whether you are in the need of commercial or residential painting services, MacFarland Painting offers you an opportunity to effectively and efficiently complete your painting project without interrupting daily operations.

There are many benefits you can avail from hiring our commercial and residential painting professionals, including:

  • Structural Stability: We provide quality paint to help protect the exterior structure of your building or homes against water and moisture.
  • Safety: Our professionals invest in certifications, additional training, safety tools, and equipment to ensure that the work is carried out properly and accidents are prevented. 
  • Ensure quality work: Before starting a project, we analyse the space so that we can ensure the surface is ideal for painting. We will only recommend a paint project if the paint is going to look better than it did before and last for a long time.
  • Timely Completion: We can work within a set timeline and strive to meet with that timeline so you can quickly return to your normal routine.

Whether it’s for one or several painting projects, MacFarland Painting is ready to provide professional commercial and residential painting services in Canton, Livonia, Farmington Hills, Novi, and other surrounding areas. Our professional painters are equipped and trained to handle all your painting needs. We strive to provide a hassle-free service from start to finish. If you are ready to renovate your work or living space, contact MacFarland Painting for an outstanding result and a great experience.