Spice up your Kitchen Island!


Whether you are renovating for a sleek, modern kitchen or a more rustic style, your island is going to be the focal point. Rather than an outdated, builder-grade island as your centerpiece, consider giving your island a unique texture or design to make it truly stand out. Adding trim, moulding, shiplap, beadboard, or even extending your builder-grade kitchen island is a great way to achieve this elevated look. 

MacFarland Painting’s highly trained AND experienced Cabinet Crew has the ability to add any of the following designs to your kitchen island. Check them out, and if you really like them, give us a call for a FREE consultation.

Shadow Box Island Design

The most common way to upgrade your builder-grade island is to add custom moulding/trim (shadow boxes). This shadow box style is an inexpensive way to add texture to your bland island end panels.

Shiplap Island Design

A fan favorite kitchen island design at MacFarland Painting… Shiplap! Shiplap is an easy route to enhancing the look of any kitchen. If you want a subtle touch of a rustic or modern feel to your kitchen, use shiplap on the island or even the cabinetry.

The Farmhouse “X” Island Design

This trending “x” design is perfect for farmhouse or rustic kitchens. Add the X design all around or just to the end panels to acquire this attractive and unique look.


Beadboard Island Design

Beadboard has been gaining popularity in the kitchen as country-style and farmhouse themes are trending. It is a great alternative to tile as it is inexpensive and easy to install!

Diagonal Shiplap Island Design

If you think the standard, horizontal shiplap is too boring, experiment with different angles! Diagonal shiplap paneling is the most unique, and perfect way to make your island POP.


Island Extension

An island extension will provide your kitchen with more seating while promoting family dinners and bonding within the space!

Also, we love the look that it brings to the table. Furthermore, you can allow more people if you have a bigger family. Don’t forget, schedule us today. Also, we are booekd!