Green is Trending in 2022

Expect To See Sage Green Paint Colors Everywhere!

It is that time of the year when Top Paint Brands announce their Color of the Year for 2022! This year, they all have one thing in common – Green! 💚 Come 2022, earthy green hues are going to be extremely common in home renovations. So, if you are a fan of sage green paint colors, now is a good time to redecorate. Major Paint Brands such as, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and PPG have a great influence on what shades will be hitting home renovation stores by 2022. Therefore, you can bet that paint and decor in these trending, green hues will now be quite easy to find (if they aren’t sold out 😉)

Now, let’s dive into the Color of the Year for each company and see how and where you can use these green hues in your home!

Sherwin Williams

Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Sage Paint Colors 2022

Sherwin-Williams just announced their 2022 Color of the Year – Evergreen Fog – which just so happens to be our  FAVORITE of all Sage Green Paint Colors! 🤩 This soothing, subtle shade is inspired by the natural world’s ability to adapt and regenerate. 🌿🌱 How clever!

The color itself is exceedingly neutral and has quite a versatile hue. Sherwin-Williams Director of Color Marketing describes it as, “green-meets-gray with a hint of blue.”

When using this shade, pair with earthy tones of creamy white, beige, brown, and burnt orange. 

Benjamin Moore

October Mist 1495

Sage Paint Colors

A gently shaded sage green paint colors – October Mist  – is Benjamin Moore’s pick for their 2022 Color of the Year. 🍃 This color has been strategically chosen to serve as a supporting hue for other colors in Benjamin Moore’s 2022 earthy color collection. 🌳🌎

October Mist is a muted green that has gray, and a bit of yellow, undertones giving it a touch of warmth. It is neither too warm nor too cool, making it a perfect shade for a living room, bedroom, or bathroom where a relaxed vibe is desired.


Olive Sprig PPG1125-4


PPG’s Color of the Year is yet another soft-toned, soothing green – Olive Sprig 🫒

Olive Sprig has a gorgeous organic green undertone and is a perfect shade for any interior space. Keep in mind, this hue has quite a bit of yellow undertones, so it veers a bit warmer than Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog.

Pair this color with other warm colors such as yellows, burgundies, and soft rose shades.


Breezeway (MQ3-21)

Last but not least, Behr! A lighter, cooler, and cleaner green than the others, Behr’s Color of the Year -Breezeway. 🌬 This color is inspired by the natural hues of sea glass found on the beach 🌊

Breezeway is a calm, minty hue with cool gray/silver undertones. Because it is so light and cool, it is a great choice in rooms that do not bring in a lot of natural light.

Definitely pair this color with shades of white, gray,  gold, and natural wood tones.

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