Give your Home a Facelift with these 4 Projects

Budget-Friendly ways to Update your Home

By: MacFarland Painting      August 9th, 2022

Updates don’t need to be BIG to make a BIG difference! Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest changes when it comes to home renovations. Here are 4 simple projects to give your home that “new” feel (and look 🤫).




Painting interior doors black

An easy AND affordable way to give your interior a quick facelift is to paint your doors black. If you are a trendy, bold person, this quick update is for you!




Painting interior doors black

Accent walls, or feature walls, are a great (and affordable!) way to turn your boring living room into a focal point. 


Paint instead of replace


cabinet painting near Livonia

Give yourself a new kitchen look without the price tag of a new kitchen! Cabinet painting is an easy and affordable way to give your home that facelift it deserves. Better yet, call MacFarland Painting and have your kitchen transformed in just 5 days!




swap out wooden baluster

Looking for simple ways to make a BOLD statement in your home? Try dazzling up your entry way by swapping out your dated, wooden balusters iwth wrought iron ones!