Your Staircase Needs Love, Too.

4 Ways to Freshen up your Outdated Staircase

By MacFarland Painting | Aug. 25, 2021

Check out the best paint colors to brighten up your staircase at the end of this article.

When considering a home renovation, we generally think about the kitchen, bathrooms, and living spaces as they are thought to be the most used and most seen places of the home; however, there is one particular area of your home that should NOT be ignored and is often overlooked. Can you guess what it is? We use it every day, multiple times a day… it is typically the first thing people see when walking in the front door… it takes you from one floor to another… you guessed it. The staircase! This may sound surprising, but freshening up your outdated staircase might be the key to giving your home that modern look you have always wanted.

Over time, staircases can get worn out of date and those traditional, wooden balusters and banisters get scratched, chipped, and faded. Updating other areas of your home may also have your dated, traditional staircase sticking out like a sore thumb.

Having professionals remodel your staircase is a unique way to modernize the look of your home and even increase the property value!

Here are some ideas to consider:

 1. Paint (or Stain) your Banister

Do you have a dated, wood banister that you would like freshened up? Painting or staining the banister can help replenish its look and improve the overall aesthetic of your staircase for half the cost of replacing. Contrasting colors will instantly make it stand out; however, the possibilities are endless with this option. Get creative, or stay neutral!

2. Swap Out those Wood Balusters!

Replacing your wood balusters with wrought iron balusters is a great way to make your outdated, basic staircase look lavish. This option is actually the most common method of upgrading a stairway. There are dozens of different styles on www.stairsupplies.comSimply choose which style and pattern you like most and we will handle the rest!

3. Live Lavish with Two-Tone

In most homes, staircases are the first thing that we see upon entering through the front door.. So why not make it BOLD! Not only does a two-tone design make your stairs safer and easier to see, they also provide a unique aesthetic to your home that will make it stand out. This design is going to be trending for quite some time.

4. Go Horizontal

Looking for a unique, and modern change to your boring, traditional staircase? Consider replacing your vertical balusters with horizontal balusters. This look is great for a more modern aesthetic.

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