Sage Paint Colors 2022
Creating an exterior paint surface that will look fantastic and withstand our lovely Michigan weather requires adherence to a strict set of guidelines. At MacFarland Painting, we have perfected this prep & paint process. Our highly trained, professional crews follow a precise method that is combined with high-quality paints, equipment and specialized techniques to ensure every exterior paint job meets our high standards and exceeds our customer’s satisfaction expectations!

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Prior to the start of the job, clients are to move all small/breakable items, lawn furniture, decorations, lighting, and other moveable obstacles away from the area to be painted. Clients are also responsible for having trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that will impede painting/repairs, trimmed back or removed.

Exterior pressure wash

Our pros pressure wash before EVERY exterior paint job to remove failed paint, surface dirt, mold, mildew and debris. By cleaning off all of the filth, we can make sure the fresh coat of paint goes on smoothly and stays on!


Rotted and damaged siding is common, espeically along the base of your home. Instead of replacing all of the siding, we will carefully replace all of the pieces that have been damaged prior to painting. Any other repairs that need to take place will also happen at this time, prior to paint. 



After all replacements/repairs, we will mask off all windows and trim that will not be painted to protect the surfaces and allow for clean lines.


We will caulk all gaps 1/8″ or larger around windows, doors and fascia prior to paint.

Time to Paint!

After all of the prep is done, it is time to paint! Most exteriors painted by MacFarland Painting crews are sprayed. We do this because it is both effective & efficient, as spraying 1 coat achieves the same mil thickness as 2 coats of paint!

PLEASE NOTE: Our paint containes primer. We do not take a step to prime before we paint.

If your quote specifies, we may brush and roll specific areas of the home (such as the trim).

Finishing touches & clean up

Our crews never leave a mess behind! All coverings, masking, paint chips and other debris are removed once the job is completed.

Before taking off and collecting payment, your Project Manager will carefully inspect the completed project to ensure it meets our high standards. If there are any areas that need to be touched-up, we will discuss that with you now.


Now for the most important step, a walkthrough! We will never leave with an unsatisfied client. After completion of the job, we will ask the homeowner (if home) to walk around the home and point out any areas of concern. If there are any issues to address, we will take care of them in real time. 

After our crews have left the job site, any later issues or touch-ups will be handled with the front office.