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Trending Paint Colors for Residential Exteriors in 2022

Spring is almost here! In just a few weeks, temperatures will start rising, snow will start melting, and our painters will begin painting… outside! While we eagerly wait for warmer days to come, imagine how much better your home could look if you just gave it a fresh coat of paint. Looking to sell your home soon? A newly painted house adds curb appeal and increases value! The hardest part of it all? Choosing the paint color. So, here you have it: Our top picks for exterior home colors in 2022! Lets dive in 🏡

10. Slate Tile

Sage Paint Colors 2022
One of the most clean and crisp blue-gray paint colors – Slate Tile SW 7624. This bold color is truly a show stopper! The gorgeous, dark tone color works well on almost every home style. Although it is on the darker end of the scale, it is so versatile that it can be combined with just about any other color! Try it out with white or black trim for a sleek look.

9. Anonymous

Sage Paint Colors
Sherwin-Williams Anonymous SW 7046 is classified as a shade of greige (gray-beige) with warm undertones of green. This earthy hue can lean more towards an olive-green when surrounded by greenery, and towards gray-brown when paired with natural wood and other shades of brown.

As long as your brick/stone and roof suit the warmth and green undertones of Anonymous, this shade is a gorgeous choice for exterior siding!

8. Caviar

Add a sense of bold royalty to your home with Caviar SW 6990. This deep, true black (with absolutley no undertones) will most definatly make a statement when used on your homes exterior. This shade was a must pick for Exterior Home Colors 2022 as it is sophisticated, rich, and looks stunning on all surfaces. Looking to go dark? Use Caviar! 🖤


7. Naval

A shade inspired by the night sky – Naval SW 6244. You can never go wrong with Navy Blue and this Navy Blue is the best one we have used by far. It is bold, but not too overpowering. The possibilities with this shade are endless!


6. Alabaster

A break from the darker shades, lets go light! Alabaster SW 7008 is a warm, off-white that is both simple and clean. Don’t be afraid of the term “off-white,” the warmth in Alabaster brings just the right amount of creamy to make it not white but also not yellow. On exteriors, Alabaster is actually quite light reflective. When used on siding it will look light and bright without being too “in-your-face” white.

5. Felted Wool

Felted Wool SW 9171 is a nature-inspired gray. It is a warm hue with brown undertones, but it does not venture too far into brown. In certain light, you might even detect a slight hint of green. It has a really nice, natural, earthy feel to it, and looks gorgeous with off-white trim (like Alabaster). 

If your design goal is natural and earthy, Felted Wool is one to consider.

4. Eclipse

After discovering Eclipse SW 6166 – it was a MUST HAVE on our list of  Exterior Home Colors for 2022. Looking to stand out? This beautiful olive-gray is sure to make a charming statement on your home’s exterior. Pairing well with wood, stone and brick accents – this color goes well on all home styles.

3. Gauntlet Gray

One of our more popular shades, and certainly one of our favorites to recommend: Gauntlet Gray SW 7019 is the perfect warm, charcoal gray paint color for your exterior. It is a medium gray – not too light and not too dark – that has more brown taupe undertones than black. Paired with white details, this color is stunning!

2. Shoji White

Overwhlemed by all of the different shades of white? Shoji White SW 7042 is a beautiful shade of cream. Its strong greige undertones keep the color from looking yellow, and it typically won’t end up looking too cool either. This warm hue brings beauty to all surfaces, espcially when used with true black accents.

1. Iron Ore

Iron Ore SW 7069 is absolutely stunning, and probably our favorite of the Exterior Home Colors for 2022. It is not too cool and not too warm either. It is such a dark charcoal gray that it almost looks black. The perfect color to use if you don’t want to fully commit to black, but want to give your home that dark and dramatic effect.

Well there you have it! Our top picks for Home Exterior Colors in 2022. We hope you were able to picture your home in one of these lovely colors and are able to get on our spring/summer exterior schedule! Remember, it is never too early to get an exterior quote. Call us today for a FREE quote or fill out our Request a Quote Form by clicking HERE.



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