DIY Kitchen Island Design

Give your builder-grade kitchen island an updated look!

Tired of looking at your bland, builder-grade kitchen island, but don’t want to spend the money to give it the upgrade it deserves?

Adding trim to your kitchen island is a great way to add personality and interest to your kitchen! Update your kitchen with this tutorial for a DIY kitchen island design.


1. Remove Current Trim

Start by removing the corner trim pieces and the quarter round on the bottom of the island.  Make sure to remove any remaining nails once you are done.

Note: these are finishing nails so they will not have a head on them.


2. Sand

Once you have all the existing trim taken off, begin sanding the cabinet down.

We recommend using a 220 grit fine sanding block until the surface is completely smooth.

Don’t worry too much about the areas where the trim is being installed.

3. Prime

If you are going to paint your kitchen cabinets during this process – now is the time to prime. Especially if you are painting your cabinets a lighter color, priming will lower the number of coats of paint needed to finish the job.

4. cut the pieces

Once the primer has dried, measure and mark for the correct length and then use a miter saw to cut the pieces at a 45-degree angle. To make the corner, flip the trim piece over and cut again. This provides the reverse 45-degree angle to match the other trim piece.

5. Install

Dry-fit the pieces and secure trim to the cabinet with a finish nailer.

6. Caulk

Take some white paintable caulk and run it along the insides and the outsides of the box – wherever the trim meets the island base. This is what makes the entire job look seamless and professional!


6. & Finally, paint!

Last but not least, the best step of them all – painting!

To paint the kitchen island we recommend using a urethane alkyd enamel. It is easy to brush, roll, and spray and will leave the cabinets looking brand new!

Tip: Apply the paint with a combination of a foam roller – for the flat parts – and a brush – for the edges, and more detailed spots – for a cleaner look.



The Finished Product!