The appearance of your home is everything when it comes to curb appeal and first impression of the buyers. But can something as simple as a fresh coat of paint increase the value of your home?

When done the right way, a fresh coat of paint can make your house look fantastic. However, renovating your home with paint doesn’t only mean painting the exterior area or just adding a new color. It involves choosing a color that suits your home décor well and improving the overall quality and looks of your home.

Painting with the right collection of colors will bring a whole new appearance to your home. But it’s important to know what combination will best suit your home. The experts at MacFarland Painting can help you select the perfect color(s) that can help give your home a new life to your home and  increase its value.

Let’s look at how you can increase your home value with fresh paint

If you’re considering selling your home and want to make sure you get top dollar, you’ll want to first make sure that the walls are neutral and follow a more updated palette. Here’s how painting increases the value of your home:

It Increase Curb Appeal

Paint plays as your home’s first line of defense against various outdoor elements, such as the sun, wind, rain, heat, and cold. While a good exterior paint job can last for a while, the paint will eventually chip or fade over time. If this is the same case with your home, it’s time to call the professional painters. 

Painting is a great way to attract the best Buyers.

A great paint job will not only brighten your home, but it sends signals to the buyers that the house has been taken care of and may not require a lot of money to repair it. 

Increase the appearance of the interior

Repainting your interior walls is another great way to improve your home value. Dark or drastic wall paint may work great with your home decor, but neutral colors will allow prospective buyers to envision it as “their home”. Fresh paint will also eliminate pet and smoke odors and will live your home that “new car smell”.

If you are looking for the best painting service that can add more value to your house whether for selling or just improving its appearance, meet the experienced painters at MacFarland Painting. Our services will give you the satisfaction you need to help you get top dollar for your home.