February Color of the Month:

Benjamin Moore First Light 2102-70

MacFarland Painting | February 1, 2024

As the calendar turns its pages to February, MacFarland Painting is thrilled to unveil their next Color of the Month: First Light by Benjamin Moore 2102-70. A hue that captures the essence of new beginnings and a touch of warmth, First Light is set to infuse your spaces with a breath of fresh air and a cozy ambiance. Get ready to explore the versatility and charm of this delightful shade as we dive into the nuances that make First Light a perfect choice for the month of love 💗


Sherwin-Williams Waterloo

What Color is First Light?

First Light, a soft and rosy hue, captures the delicate tones of dawn’s first light, imparting a sense of optimism and tranquility to your surroundings. This versatile shade strikes the perfect balance, neither too bold nor too muted, ensuring a subtle yet impactful presence in any room.

With an LRV of 77, First Light absorbs almost no light, SO, if you are going to use this rosy hue – paint all four walls of the room. Avoid using it as an accent, as the color reflects on the surrounding walls.

LRV: A colors light reflectance value (LRV) measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects when put on your walls, cabinets, siding, etc. LRV is measured on a scale that ranges from zero (absolute black) to 100 (pure white). 

Given its very light pink nature, First Light pairs best with lighter tones. Exercise caution when combining it with darker off-whites or creams like Swiss Coffee or White Dove. Opting for extra or pure whites ensures a harmonious and visually pleasing result when using this charming hue.

Sherwin-Williams Waterloo

Where to use Benjamin Moore First Watch 


Benjamin Moore First Light adds an enchanting touch to any nursery. The soft and rosy undertones of this delightful hue bring in a sense of serenity and warmth, making it an ideal choice for crafting a calming environment for your little girl. Paired with light and neutral furnishings, or even some matching wallpaper, this hue transforms the nursery into a haven of sweetness! 🎀


First Light brings a touch of charm and a calm, yet classy vibe to the bedroom. It is not too girly, not too strong, not too…. pink, but just right.

Use this hue as the perfect background for a unique board & batten wall, or pair it with a wall of matching wallpaper to add a burst of sophistication to the room.

This rosy tone looks best with light-toned ivory bedding and linen textures for a relaxed yet refined look. With First Light, your bedroom will become a cozy retreat for peaceful nights and fresh mornings ☀️

Bathroom or Powder Room:

In the bathroom, First Light by Benjamin Moore sets the stage for a refreshing and stylish retreat. This light hue with its soft pink undertones adds a touch of sophistication to the space. Whether you choose to paint all the walls or opt for just the bathroom vanity, First Light brings a sense of calm and elegance to your bathroom oasis.

Coordinating Colors for First Light