Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painting Company


Get the job done right – with professionals!

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painting Company

When it comes to home renovation projects, you might be tempted to watch a couple youtube videos and tackle it yourself. While you may think that rolling on a coat or two of paint might seem simple, there are some serious considerations when taking it on yourself. This post highlights 6 benefits to not hiring a non-professional, or making interior home painting your next DIY project – and trust us, we are worth the wait!

Professional Experience

When you hire a PROFESSIONAL painting company, you are not just hiring on years of experience and skill, you are hiring a company that is LICENSED AND INSURED!

Anyone can slap some paint on the walls, but doing a quality, long-lasting job requires expertise, the right tools, and patience. Professional painters have handled every type of painting job possible, but also have been trained to prep (strip old paint, fill holes, sand rough areas, cover furniture, use drop cloths, etc.), properly paint each suface (walls, ceiling, trim), and clean up after themselves without disturbing your day-to-day routine.



Tired of waiting for a contractor to call you back? Hire a Pro!

Most professional painting companies will have an onpoint office staff Monday-Friday. To clients, this is extremely important as they know that they are being taken care of and will not be scammed out of work.

At MacFarland Painting, you can expect excellent communication from the inital quote request to the payment of the final invoice. Interested in learning more about our process? Click HERE to view how it works!


Our hardworking craftsmen are fully licensed and insured. They are all full-time, year-round employees of MacFarland Painting as well as professionals who respect you and your property to adhere to Craftsman Operating Standards from the PDCA, Painting Decorating Contractors of America.


If you haven’t realized it yet – paint (and paint equipment) is EXPENSIVE! Not to mention, it takes years of experience (and some trial/error) to determine which paint is best for which surface, which room, if you have pets/kids, and which tools are going to produce the best results. It is a lot more than just paint, a paintbrush, and a ladder you know!

You can count on a professional painter to show up to the job with all of the necessary equipment for your specific project. Paint sheens, VOC levels, color theory – whatever it is, a professional painter will have the best knowledge of which paint goes where.When the job is complete, you will end up with the best finishes for each room.


Leave the painting project up to the company that does it for a living!

As you may know, it is extremely hard to find free time to get home renovations tasks done these days. Moving furniture, taking down wall hangings, cleaning and preparing the surfaces for paint, and finding the right supplies and paint takes a LOT of time – and this doesn’t even include the time it takes to actually paint the home!

When you hire a professional, they will be dedicated to YOUR job and will ensure that YOUR project is completed within the estimated time frame. Professionals understand that your needs, and will work their hardest to ensure that your project is completed within the quality standards, and in a timely fashion – taking all the stress off of YOUR hands!



Last but not least, the BEST part of hiring a professional painter is the high-quality end results – It is what we are known for!