John MacFarland, President


What path brought you here?
I worked painting apartments with my older brother while I was in high school. After working for another company for one year, I started this business during my first year at Wayne State University.

Best known for? Have a knack for?
I am organized and work to complete jobs faster than promised. I have a knack for problem solving.

Problem you are best at solving for clients?
Working around their schedules and staging jobs correctly to fit their needs. I work hard to avoid being labeled a “typical contractor” (Remember Eldin, the house painter on Murphy Brown?!).

Personal passions/What do you enjoy?
Bird hunting with my German Shorthair Pointers and spending time up north with my wife and kids.

What can’t you stop talking about?
My kids. They are always doing/saying the funniest things!

What are you doing on Sunday afternoon?
Watching football and/or hunting.

How long have you been doing what you do?
20 years +.  I started painting while I was still in a short kilt!

Crazy about any volunteer activities?
St. Andrews Society – Highland Games Special Needs Fundraiser/Fun Runs

What would it be impossible for you to give up?
Diet Coke
My Calendar
Time with my wife and kids!